Contacting an Emergency Locksmith in Edinburgh Discussed by Forth Locks
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Contacting an Emergency Locksmith in Edinburgh Discussed by Forth Locks

Mishaps at your property can happen and if you are locked out of your property or have doors or locks that are not operating correctly, this can be very frustrating. Whether a key has snapped in the lock, your keys have been misplaced or a door has slammed shut behind you whilst you are outside an experienced emergency locksmith can help you.

Forth Locks have many years of experience as local emergency locksmiths in Edinburgh. Offering a wide range of locksmith services to help you during an emergency, we can help you should you be locked out or are having issues with locking systems in your property. The security of your home is paramount and we will endeavour to make sure that you can access your property and that your property is safe from intruders or in the unfortunate event that there has been a break-in. In this article, we will discuss the various emergency locksmith services that we offer, our 24 hour locksmith service as well as why you should contact Forth Locks should you be facing a locksmith related emergency. If you are looking for an emergency locksmith in Edinburgh or a 24 hour locksmith in Edinburgh then enquire with Forth Locks using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0131 333 0544

Emergency Locksmith Services After a Break-in

Being a victim of a domestic break-in is an understandably distressing and disturbing time; especially if you live alone, are elderly or if you have young children living in your property. It’s understandable that safety and security are of the utmost importance during this difficult and distressing time which is why we always treat victims of burglary as a matter of emergency. Should a break-in occur we can advise you on improvements to your current locks to secure your property in the future giving you peace of mind that your property is secure from burglars. Due to the fact that we have over 25 years’ of experience assisting burglary victims, we will endeavour to offer sound advice to help prevent the chances of a break-in occurring again. You can rely on our 24-hour emergency locksmith service should you be the victim of a domestic break-in and we are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for when you need a local emergency locksmith the most.

Securing Your Domestic or Commercial Property

At Forth Locks, the security of your domestic property or commercial premises is our priority. If you’d picked up the wrong keys, misplaced or had keys stolen or locked yourself out then we can help you using our emergency locksmith services. We utilise different techniques to help you gain access back to your property and will try everything possible to avoid the replacement of your current lock should you be locked out. Wherever possible we also use Non Destructive Entry methods to ensure that minimal damage and costs are incurred as a result of gaining entry to your property. There are some types of locks however that will require drilling and replacement in order to access your property. In all assessments, we will assess the entire situation and make recommendations to resolve your issue. We offer no call out charge when called and will only carry out work after you have agreed to the approach and method that will be taken. Our main aim is to have you back in your property as soon as is possible.

Specialisation in UPVC Locks & Locking Systems

It’s understandable that it can be highly frustrating when a UPVC locking system is damaged or broken. Not only can this cause difficulties in accessing your property but this can also affect insurance claims in the result of a break-in as the door system needs to be fully engaged. We can offer repairs on your UPVC door as well as lock replacement, door mechanism alignment of your UPVC door as well as being able to assist you with composite doors, bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors. We complete 99% of our jobs on the same day in Edinburgh and our emergency locksmith services relating to UPVC doors are available to commercial and domestic customers. On the very rare occasion that we are unable to complete work within 24 hours then we will fit a secure overnight lock on your door. This will keep your property safe until we have the parts that we need to complete any work that needs to be carried out and we will complete the job as soon as the parts that we need are available.

Highly Experienced in a Range of Emergency Situations

We understand that there may be a variety of different situations in which you may need an emergency locksmith with some being less urgent than others. Our experience in helping our clients in various emergency situations ensures that we can recommend the best replacement locks and locking systems to keep you secure if required.

If you are suffering from an issue that isn’t an immediate emergency,  you can still rely on Forth Locksmiths to be on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, when you need a reliable professional locksmith most. We will ensure that your issue is rectified as soon as possible and we will ensure that you receive a highly competitive quotation, not starting work until you are happy with your free quotation.

We understand that in a locksmith emergency such as being locked out or not being able to access your property, you will need a solution as soon as possible. We will give you an accurate estimate of when one of our locksmith experts will be with you to give you the peace of mind that your issue will be resolved quickly and by one of our expert emergency locksmiths.

Importance of Using a Local Emergency Locksmith

If you are experiencing a locksmith related emergency at your home or commercial premises, it’s highly important that you work with a local emergency locksmith. This is because of the fact that there are no middlemen involved. This is often the case when dealing with national locksmiths as these companies try to quote cheaper labour costs but inflate part prices. Due to the fact that you are also facing an emergency, this may be another avenue in which some may try to overcharge for a service provided. As the subcontracting locksmith only takes a small percentage, they may also recommend replacement locks rather than trying to repair a damaged lock for example. This allows them to charge more for services that are provided.

Using trusted, local locksmiths is also highly important for similar reasons. Untrusted locksmiths may overcharge for services provided as well as recommend more expensive solutions such as suggesting to replace a lock when this is not required. They may also seek to take advantage of the fact that you are facing an emergency so be careful for these companies also.

We are proud to be a genuine, local 24-hour locksmith, offering a wide range of emergency locksmith services to our clients. We are committed to ensuring that any issue that you are experiencing can be resolved in a timely fashion and carried out by one of our expert locksmiths. As we have many years of experience as emergency locksmiths, we have likely installed or resolved an issue similar to yours which allows us to give you the peace of mind that your locksmith emergency will be rectified correctly. We understand that access to your property or commercial premises is of the highest priority. Enquire with one of our local emergency locksmiths today if you are suffering from any locksmith related emergency using a contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team now on: 0131 333 0544

Taking Action in Securing Your Property

Although not necessarily an emergency, there are still steps that you can take to ensure that your property is completely secure. Although you may not have considered replacing the locks in your home, it’s important to think about who may have had access to the property at any given time. If you have recently purchased a property then there could have been a whole host of individuals that may have had access to a key at some point. Whether a gardener, tradesman or previous partner was given a key, this means that an individual may still hold a key for your property. Changing the locks on a new property is therefore an important step of purchasing a new home as it’s impossible to ascertain as to who may have held a key to the property at some time. Although not technically an emergency, this still may warrant the need for you to take action and to have a new locking system installed. We can visit your new home, advise you on the lock replacement options that are available and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

Proactive vs. Reactive Approach?

Emergency Locksmith Service Providers Edinburgh

Although you will need to find the services of a trusted local locksmith in an emergency, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a reactive approach is required when facing an emergency. For example, in this instance – you may have been able to have access to a hidden set of emergency keys. If a UPVC door lock has become damaged for a long time for example or needs repairing then you can contact a member of our expert team to prevent the lock from breaking further or snapping shut and locking you out unexpectedly. Accidents can happen however, with this being why we offer an emergency 24/7 365 days a year service to ensure that if an accident does occur, we can help you gain access back to your property.

In terms of the security of your property, you can also take steps to increasing the security of your property before an emergency occurs. Securing your property not only makes it more difficult for intruders to enter, they may also even be put-off attempting to target your property if it has evidently high security. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean extensive CCTV systems and ID identification systems but highly secure locking systems can be highly effective against intruders.

Commercial Emergency Locksmith Services

Although domestic issues may come to mind when looking for an emergency locksmith, the commercial sector can also benefit from expert emergency locksmith services. Lack of access to your commercial or business premises can be damaging for both reputation and staff morale / safety. If your employees or yourself are locked out of your premises then you may experience a delay in operations which can cause a lack of revenue. It’s therefore highly important that you have access to a trusted emergency locksmith who you can rely on in any business related emergency.

It’s understandable that you will be highly concerned and distressed when suffering from a break-in at your commercial premises. Our emergency locksmith services in Edinburgh will ensure that your premises are secure after a break-in and we can secure the premises and advise you on future security to help combat against potential thieves.

Enquire With Forth Locks Today

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We can help you should you be facing an emergency. Using our many years of experience, we offer a wide range of emergency locksmith services to our clients in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Should you have a lock-related emergency for a domestic or commercial property then we are readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and help you gain access to your property as quickly as possible. We will also endeavour to cause as little damage to your property as possible in order to gain access. If you are looking for emergency locksmiths in Edinburgh or an emergency locksmith service in Edinburgh then enquire with Forth Locks using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0131 333 0544

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